April 2, 2011

P & S Restaurant

Generic storefront facade.
On the way to the farm this morning, I decided to stop by a restaurant I've been eyeing for literally 15 years now... P & S Restaurant.  I've never gone due to the nondescript suburban strip mall it is in. It looked like nothing to speak of and the West Side is full of decidedly non-tasty American greasy spoons. And then there is the name. Just try and pronounce it without laughing!

March 28, 2011

Raw Chocolate Ice Cream

I have been wanting to make a completely raw ice cream for some time now. However, a quick search of the internet results in a bunch of results for vegan "ice cream" and a few exorbitant flavors on "nourishing kitchen" websites here and there. Nowhere could I find good classic raw ice cream flavors, so I decided to make my own, and it turned out quite well.

January 15, 2011

Fortune Express

Fortune Express, as depicted by the painting inside.
We were going to make salmon tonight, but with my lack of sleep and perpetual laziness, we decided to make the trip out for food. We decided on Fortune Express as we'd heard good things about it and hadn't yet found a good nearby Chinese place.

January 9, 2011

Dena's Diner

Nestled between a bar and a Cricket store.
Considering the long night and my lack of groceries in the fridge, today was looking perfect for brunch out. We recently moved to Colerain, and have been eyeing the little diner down the road for weeks now, so we decided to visit. We scrambled into the car, turned up the heat, and made the quick drive to Dena’s. It is at the almost-abandoned end of the Super Walmart plaza and very easy to miss. We found a nearby parking spot and made our way inside.